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The ABA Young Lawyers Division again recognized the projects of the VBA Young Lawyers Division in its Awards of Achievement as among the best in the nation in 2012-2013. Opening Statement earned a second place in the Newsletter category and the Backpack to Briefcase program took second place in the Service to the Bar category. The Capitol Region Town Hall Committee received special recognition in the Service to the Public category. Overall, the VBA YLD projects ranked second in a Comprehensive overview among state bars of our size. 

In 2011-2012, the VBA YLD earned a second place in the Comprehensive category in consideration of eight projects, and a certificate of performance in the Service to the Public category for statewide bars of our size. The Service to the Public award recognized the Ask A Lawyer program.

In the 2010-2011 contest, the VBA YLD earned three Awards of Achievement from the American Bar Association YLD: first in Comprehensive, and seconds in the Service to the Bar and in the Minority categories.


   Awards of the VBA Young Lawyers Division

The VBA/YLD Sandra P. Thompson Award (known as the Fellows Award until it was renamed in 2002) recognizes an individual for outstanding work and long-term service.

1979 Daniel A. Carrell, Robert H. Powell III
1981 Gregory N. Stillman
1983 Patricia M. Schwarzchild
1985 Thomas G. Bell Jr., Robert M. Rolfe
1989 John D. Epps, E. Tazewell Ellett
1990 D. French Slaughter III
1991 Kurt J. Krueger
1992 Michael F. Urbanski
1993 Michael P. Falzone
1994 Lynne Jones Blain, Amy T. Holt
1995 Nancy N. Rogers
1996 Mary Hoge Anderson, Bruce M. Steen
1997 Kevin P. Oddo
1998 Brian K. Jackson
1999 Attison L. Barnes III
2000 Charles G. Meyer III
2001 Mary C. Zinsner
2002 Monica Taylor Monday,
         Melissa Amos Young
2003 Katherine Harman-Stokes,
         King F. Tower
2004 Nicole Chrisman Daniel
2005 Elizabeth Mason Horsley
2006 Richard H. Ottinger
2007 Katja H. Hill
2008 Matthew E. Cheek
2009 R. Lucas Hobbs
2010 Andrew P. Sherrod
2011 Rudene Mercer Haynes
2012 Heather Hays Lockerman
2013 W. Alexander Burnett

The VBA/YLD Emerson G. Spies Award recognizes an individual Division member for enthusiasm, loyalty and dedication in the work of the Association during a given year.

1991 Douglas M. Nabhan
1992 Mary Hoge Ackerly, Anne K. Walker
1993 Philip W. Parker
1994 Cheryl Watson Smith
1995 Harry M. Johnson III
1996 Attison L. Barnes III
1997 Mary Catherine Zinsner
1998 Erica S. Beardsley,
         Katherine Harman-Stokes
1999 Stephen D. Otero
2000 Patrick R. Hanes
2001 Cyane B. Crump, Agustin E. Rodriguez
2002 Michael L. Walton
2003 Daniel Ortiz
2004 Molly Shuttleworth Evans
2005 Rudene Mercer Bascomb
2006 Heather Hays Lockerman
2007 Derek H. Swanson
2008 Travis Hill
2009 Audrey J. Burges
2010 Robert J. Barrett, Matthew A. Kapinos
2011 Dana A. Dews
2012 Andrew Stockment, Virginia B. Flynn
2013 Christopher M. Gill

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