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The ABA Young Lawyers Division again recognized the projects of the VBA Young Lawyers Division in its Awards of Achievement as among the best in the nation in 2012-2013. Opening Statement earned a second place in the Newsletter category and the Backpack to Briefcase program took second place in the Service to the Bar category. The Capitol Region Town Hall Committee received special recognition in the Service to the Public category. Overall, the VBA YLD projects ranked second in a Comprehensive overview among state bars of our size. 

In 2011-2012, the VBA YLD earned a second place in the Comprehensive category in consideration of eight projects, and a certificate of performance in the Service to the Public category for statewide bars of our size. The Service to the Public award recognized the Ask A Lawyer program.

In the 2010-2011 contest, the VBA YLD earned three Awards of Achievement from the American Bar Association YLD: first in Comprehensive, and seconds in the Service to the Bar and in the Minority categories.


Chairs of the VBA Young Lawyers Division

Vernon M. Geddy Jr., Williamsburg, 1957
G.R.C. Stuart, Abingdon, 1957-58
William L. Shapero, Norfolk, 1958-59
Angus H. Macaulay, Richmond, 1959-60
Edward T. Caton, Virginia Beach, 1960-61
Charles W. Laughlin, Richmond, 1961-62
Frank O. Meade,
Danville, 1962-63
Walter J. McGraw,
Richmond, 1963-64
Robert J. Rogers,
Roanoke, 1964-65
Collins Denny III,
Richmond, 1965-66
Charles B. Arrington Jr.,
Norfolk, 1966-67
Andrew P. Miller,
Abingdon, 1967-68
David G. Simpson,
Winchester, 1968-69
Jesse B. Wilson III,
Fairfax, 1969-70
Hugh L. Patterson,
Norfolk, 1970-71
Thomas T. Lawson,
Roanoke, 1971-72
Roderick B. Mathews,
Richmond, 1972-73
Kenneth S. White,
Lynchburg, 1973-74
John W. Pearsall III,
Richmond, 1975
J. Robert McAllister III,
Arlington, 1976
C. Edward Russell Jr.,
Norfolk, 1977
James A.L. Daniel,
Danville, 1978
David Craig Landin,
Charlottesville, 1979
Charles F. Midkiff,
Richmond, 1980
Thomas C. Brown Jr.,
Fairfax, 1981
Clifford A. Cutchins IV,
Richmond, 1982
John E. Wetsel Jr., Winchester, 1983
Paul D. Fraim, Norfolk, 1984



William G. Hancock, Richmond, 1985
Charles M. Lollar, Norfolk, 1986
Thomas F. Farrell II, Alexandria, 1987
Peggy O’Neal Haines, Bristol, 1988
David G. Shuford,
Richmond, 1989
Stephen D. Busch,
Richmond, 1990
William R. Van Buren III,
Norfolk, 1991
James E. Ballowe Jr.,
Washington, D.C., 1992
Alison M. McKee,
Norfolk, 1993
Robert L. Brooke,
Richmond, 1994
Matthew W. Broughton,
Roanoke, 1995
Alfred M. Randolph Jr.,
Norfolk, 1996
John L. Walker III,
Richmond, 1997
Harry M. Johnson III,
Richmond, 1998
Philip W. Parker,
Roanoke, 1999
James V. Ingold,
Fairfax, 2000
David N. Anthony,
Norfolk, 2001
Vaughan Gibson Aaronson,
Richmond, 2002
Stephen D. Otero,
Richmond, 2003
King F. Tower,
Richmond, 2004
R. Braxton Hill IV, Richmond, 2005
Lori D. Thompson, Roanoke, 2006
Matthew E. Cheek, Richmond, 2007
E. Livingston B. Haskell, Toano, 2008
Turner A. Broughton, Richmond, 2009
Henry I. Willett, III, Richmond, 2010
B. Webb King, Roanoke, 2011
Daniel E. Ortiz, Fairfax, 2012
Travis G. Hill, Richmond, 2013


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